Tower Fan vs Pedestal Fan- Which Is Better For You

Tower fans and pedestal fans are pretty similar if you consider all the specifications. That’s why a number of people don’t find it easy to opt for any one of them. From the performances to other specs, the differences between these two types of fans are slight. But if you’re having a query about picking up one of these options, this article is for you. To understand the slight differences between the fans, you need to compare these fans with every parameter.

What should be your choice between a tower fan and a pedestal fan?

Inch by inch comparison is the right way to decide which one is suitable for you. Therefore, let’s compare these two types of fans from every possible aspect.


When it comes to the heights, a tower fan is a bit smaller than a pedestal fan. You can place a pedestal fan anywhere in the room and still get the air. But with a tower fan, you can’t get the air directly if you place it behind or beside a furniture piece. That’s a consequence of a tower fan. When considering the height, a pedestal fan must be your preference over a tower fan.


The weights of both kinds of fans are nearly the same. Each kind of fan allows you to move it from one place to another easily. You can place the fan in a convenient place to get fresh air.


In case of power efficiency, a pedestal fan is more powerful than a towel fan. A pedestal fan can provide a powerful gust of wind that can cool you down easily in summer days. On the other hand, a tower fan consumes more energy and is not effective enough as a pedestal fan. In most of the places and occasions, pedestal fans are preferred over tower fans. Also, the pedestal fans don’t consume too much energy, and that’s a benefit for you also.


Here the tower fans beat the pedestal fans undoubtedly. The tower fans are thin and tall in structure. You can place a tower fan anywhere without thinking of the space. But a pedestal fan needs a large base to stand on. That’s a vital consequence of a pedestal fan.


When you are arranging a party or gathering, the noise will be a point of concern. A loud noise from the fan can ruin the vibe of your party. For your information, a tower fan makes a loud noise while the blades are spinning. A sound from a pedestal fan will be comparatively less loud and can be tolerated.

These are the main factors to choose a fan. In every point, you will see the comparison of both the fans. The comparison will surely help you out to opt for one of the fans. Each of the fans has its pros and cons. Ask yourself which fan you are more comfortable with. Choose that fan and have fresh air to avoid the warm weather.