Tips To Select A Best Golf Rangefinders

When you think of buying the best golf rangefinder, you may need to consider the following:

Easy to use: The rangefinder must be easy to use and easy to handle. Few models have more features, and they become difficult to use for professional players. Therefore select a model which suits you.

Design: Many of the models are compact and have a durable design. They are also designed with shock-proof as it may stand out when it is accidentally dropped.

Price: The price of the rangefinder depends on the features that they include. If you are a professional golf player, then you need features that are required for the tournament. If you wish to buy a rangefinder with more features, then look for a model that suits your budget.

Battery Life: Battery life of the rangefinder usually lasts for six months to a year. Look for the model which offers free lifetime batteries. This could reduce your worry about battery life.

Waterproof/water-resistant: If you use the rangefinder during the winter season or in the rain, your device needs to stand in all conditions. There is a vast difference between water-resistant and waterproof. The rangefinder that you select must include fog-resistant also.

Display: Few models of rangefinder are built with GPS watches. Additionally, few of the high-end devices have add-on features such as crosshairs and slop settings, etc.

Slope Mode: The rangefinder provides the measurement of actual distance with slope or without slope. Some models have options to select/deselect the slope mode when using. The models that determine the uphill/downhill measurements are little expensive compared to no slope mode models.

Storage: The rangefinders are expensive and need to be kept safe, and they require a suitable case to increase its lifetime. They can be used for other purposes like shooting, hunting, bird watching, trekking, and other outdoor sports.

Models: There are various designs and models available in the market. Some are with GPS and some with laser technology. Select either GPS or laser golf rangefinder according to your choice. There are also models available with both GPS and laser technology.

GPS or Laser: GPS rangefinder works well in measuring general distance and to track the yardage on the shots. The laser rangefinder provides measurements with durability, reliability, and usability.

Accuracy: The rangefinder must provide accurate measurement to find the distance to the flagstick. Many models display measurements with +/- 1 yard. Only a few can display measurements with +/- 0.5 yards.

Look for a golf rangefinder with your budgeted price that includes most of the features that you require for your tournament or play.