Tips for selecting a suitable chicken egg incubator

A chicken egg incubator is an essential device for the chicken keeping and poultry sector. This is a device that creates the correct environment in terms of temperature and humidity levels to enable the hatching of eggs. The natural way of hatching eggs through mother hen has a lot of disadvantages such as a limited number of eggs which can be hatched, no egg-laying by the mother hen while she sits on her eggs, and risk of incomplete development and subsequent death of the chick. A Chicken egg incubator can hatch as much as 300 eggs in a year as opposed to a mother hen, which can hatch just 20-30 eggs in a year.

There are many models of chicken egg incubators. Some points which should be considered to select an appropriate chicken egg incubator as per your needs have been mentioned here.

Number of eggs

The capacity of chicken egg incubators varies and can be anything between some eggs to thousands of eggs. Thus, you need to consider the number of eggs you want to hatch while selecting an incubator. Except for very large farms, chicken egg incubators having a capacity in thousands are usually not required. When deciding upon the number of eggs you want to hatch, you should keep in mind that a maximum of 80% of the eggs kept in the incubator can hatch.


The breed of chicken you want to hatch is an important consideration when selecting a Chicken egg incubator. The incubating conditions of chicken eggs vary from one breed to another. Thus, you need to ensure that the chicken egg incubator you select provides the particular incubating conditions that the eggs required for hatching.

Temperature and Humidity monitoring and control

Temperature and humidity play a critical role in the hatching of eggs and must be kept constant for successful hatching. You need to decide whether you want a manual chicken egg incubator in which you need to check the temperature using a thermometer or an automatic model, which enables you to set the temperature digitally. In terms of humidity, you need to select between manual models that require you to control humidity by adding water to it manually or automatic models that are equipped with digitally controlled humidity pumps which maintain humidity at the right levels.

Turning the eggs

The eggs need to be turned several times a day during the first 18 days of incubation. It is convenient to get a chicken egg incubator, which turns the eggs automatically without any effort on your part.