Talcum powder vs. Baby powder: What’s the difference?

Most people think that the talcum powder and baby powder are the same things, but in reality, they are major differences between both of these powders. Have you ever wondered what those differences are? Need not to worry. For the same reason, we have written this article for our readers. We would suggest our readers read the below information carefully. We are going to discuss all the talcum powder, baby powder, and their differences.

Without any further delay, let us start!

What are the talcum powders?

The talcum powders are finely grounded minerals, talc. The makers of the talcum powders bottle the ground minerals, add different fragrances, and then sell it in the market to the customers. Most of the people use the talcum powders for hygienic as well as cosmetic purposes. We would like to inform our readers that the talc consists of various elements that make it absorb the moisture whenever it is used in the form of powder. The talcum powder keeps the skin dry as well as prevents rashes, chafing, and other problems related to the friction and moisture.

What are the baby powders?

The baby powders are something that is created specifically for baby skin. They are mostly designed to prevent the diaper rash as they keep the skin of the baby dry. The major ingredient in the baby skin powder is either cornstarch or talc. However, the formula of the baby powder is not the same as the talcum powder.

What are the differences between baby powder and talcum powder?

As we have mentioned above, the talcum powder consists of two major ingredients; perfume ad talc. That is why the talcum powder possesses a strong scent. On the other hand, baby powders do not have too strong fragrances. They either contain the cornstarch or the talc, which helps in wicking the moisture of the baby’s skin.

Why are the talcum powders considered dangerous?

If we talk about the talcum powders, the talc particles are very fine as compared to the cornstarch particles. For the same reason, the manufacturers of the baby powders recommend the parents to keep the talcum powders out of the reach of their babies. Apart from that, the talcum powder also causes sinus inflammation, irritation, and chronic lung problems in some cases.

Some experts even link the use of the talcum powder with ovarian cancer. In recent years, the tendency of talcum powder to cause cancer has become a very hot topic. Therefore, we would also advise our readers to use baby powder instead of the talcum powders for babies.

Bottom line:

The bottom line here is that the baby powder proves to be more beneficial than the talcum powder. It prevents the child from rashes and extreme moisture. Always make sure you choose the baby powder from a reputable brand. Right baby powder will help you and your baby in the long term. We hope our article proves to be helpful for our readers.