Scroll Saw- Uses, Types and its benefits

Scroll saw is a pedal-operated electric small-sized saw that is utilized to make intricate joints and curves cut in metal, wood, and other materials. The saw blade is fine that permits it to cut a lot more delicately as compared to a power jigsaw. It is more convenient as compared to a hand saw or a fretsaw. It can create curves with its edges. The common type of Scroll Saw is the parallel arm. The others are C-arm and rigid arm.

It is primarily used in:

  • Sculptural ornaments
  • Scrollwork
  • Scroll head designs
  • Woodworks
  • Modern intarsia

Its uniqueness is that it permits plenty of creativity for woodworkers and others. This tool needs less space. Scroll saw minimizes the need for several other tools as it is more than just a saw. For making interior cutouts, a drill may be required for fine detailing. This tool offers accuracy in making intricate joints and curves. These are particularly employed in thicker intarsia and modern intarsia projects. These are safer as the blade is small and slower as compared to a table saw.

Size- Classification is dependent on the throat size, which is the distance from the rear frame to the blade. 12″ throat is a small saw whereas 30″ throat is a commercial saw.

Types of Blades

Scroll saw blades come in different weights and sizes.

Their types are:

Skip tooth– It is also known as a single skip tooth blade with a gap alternate to each tooth.

Double skip tooth – Here, there is a gap after every two teeth.

Crown or 2-way– This has teeth both down and up to provide cuts on both up and downstroke.

Spiral blades-These are regular flat blades with a twist that provides teeth projection on all of the sides.

Metal cutting blades that are of hardened steel make.

Diamond blades for cutting glass. The wires are diamond fragment coated.

Reverse tooth blade– Bottom three-fourth inch of the teeth are pointed up. The arrangement is to minimize bottom edged cut splintering. The cut can be slow and generate heat, as dust is not cleared. They are beneficial in plywood and softwood cutting.

Ultra reverse tooth blade-In this arrangement, one tooth up and four to five teeth down and then repeat all through the blade length. The dust is cleared and provides a clean back.

Benefits of Scroll saw

  • It uses a reciprocating blade and not a continuous loop.
  • The blade is removable and can be placed in a pre-drilled hole, and so interior cutouts are possible to be made with no entry slot.
  • Both tooth count and width of the blade are fine, allowing intricate curves with this tool.
  • There is a small light fixture provided to lighten up the workspace along with a dust blower to keep the work area clean as well.
  • Table tilting facility enables cuts at an angle, particularly when working with delicate material, with precision.

A best Scroll saw is accurate, lowers vibration, easy to use and affordable. Each design and model provides its unique features. Some models have zero vibration at certain frequencies.