Picking the perfect wind chime

Windchime soothes the heart and mind of humans. The music played by the wind can create light and calmness in your life. If you want to create a beautiful atmosphere around your homes, then choose the best wind chime. In this article, the different styles of wind chimes will be discussed.

The visual impact is a key factor when purchasing a wind chime. It is important to get the best wind chime that transforms the mood and atmosphere of your home. The various types of wood chime available are as follows. Therefore, let’s see how to buy the best wind chime.

The types

The classic rods

This tubular metal wind chime is very appealing. As they are made from metal, they have sustained pitch and solid mass. They can be fixed anywhere in your house. This type of wind chime is more suitable for modern décor. They are sleek and elegant, and there is also a touch of wood in the top of the chime. It resists certain wind movements, and they are a quieter option.

The classic tubes

These tubes are made from rod and other metal materials. They are lighter than the rod chimes. This type of chimes produces music for every breeze. This is a stylish wind chime. If you want a louder wind chime that fills your house loud music, then this is a perfect choice.

The wood chime

These wood pipes chime very differently from others as they are made from bamboo wood. If you want a unique wind chime, then this one can create that visual impact. They have a natural wood color and are lightweight. Sometimes they are more stylish or fancier than a tube or rod wind chime. They include pan flutes that produce excellent music.

The butterfly wind chimes

If you want a good looking wind chime, then the butterfly style is preferred. These wind chimes may not produce good tones, but they are used for decorative purposes. They can be fixed in the garden, porches, and lining yard. There are lots of decorative options in this chime as it contains butterflies, birds, and other beautiful creatures.

The feng shui gongs

Feng shui is an Asian style wind chime. To add Asian flair to your home, this perfect wind chime is a great choice. They are available in different sizes and shapes. You can include bells, gongs, and rods top this wind chime. They produce a different tone that is very calming for the heart. They are available in different colors such as brass, bronze, wood, black, and red.

The glass wind chime

Glass wind chimes look beautiful in the sunlight. This glass chime is a prism that can reflect different colors to your house. They produce delicate and soulful sounds that make your mind peaceful. These glass chimes can be fixed outdoors, but some prefer it inside their house.

The beaded chimes

The beaded wind chimes are decorative items, and they do not produce specific music. They look great, and they can be fixed gardens or porches outdoors. They can be customized according to your preference.

By knowing the types of wind chimes available, it is easier for you to choose the best one.