Meat Tenderizer Uses and Benefits

Meat is made of muscle fibers and collagen fibers. Tenderizing the meat implies breaking down the muscle fibers and collagen fibers, which makes it soft and juicy. Breakdown of collagen results in the formation of gelatin, which adds moisture to the meat cuts, thereby making them softer. Tender meat cuts are used to prepare a plethora of dishes.

There are multiple methods of tenderizing meat. One of the most common methods of tenderizing meat is using a hand-powered tool called meat tenderizer.


Some of the major benefits of using right meat tenderizer have been listed here.

  • Meat tenderizer, especially the ones using a mallet to pound the meat cuts, make the meat very soft. Soft meat pieces are very easy to chew and digest. This is especially beneficial for elderly people who find it difficult to chew hard meat. Leaner cuts of meat also have lesser calories and fat as compared to thicker cuts. Soft meat cuts are also easy to cook because they do not take a long time to cook.
  • Meat tenderizer creates uniform cuts in the meat pieces. Making thick cuts at the center where the meat is bulkier and thin cuts at the end is the correct way to cut the meat using a meat tenderizer. The uniform distribution of cuts results in even cooking of the meat, thereby eliminating the problem of under-cooking or over-cooking.
  • The cuts made by a meat tenderizer in the meat pieces ensures that heat passes through them very easily. Consequently, the cooking process is accelerated, which obviously shortens the cooking time. It is estimated that tenderized meat cooks 50% faster as compared to non-tenderized meat.
  • Meat tenderizer improves the flavor of the meat significantly. The reason is the ability of the meat tenderizer to make holes in the meat. Prior to cooking, the meat is marinated using various ingredients such as ginger, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, salt, and various types of spices as per the recipe. In a tenderized meat, these ingredients penetrate inside through the holes, thereby enhancing the flavor from both inside and outside.
  • A meat tenderizer makes the meat juicier because leaner cuts of meat tend to preserve more moisture. you love to check Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

Types of uses

Meat needs to be tenderized if you want to prepare tough cuts for making steak or fry the meat. Tender meat is also necessary if you want to broil. Meat replete with connective tissue can also be tenderized to make it lose. Two of the common types of uses of a meat tenderizer are as follows.

  • Meat tenderizer can be used to pound touch meat. Touch meat is used to prepare steaks, and it is hard. A meat tenderizer softens touch meat by pounding it. You need to pound the meat until it is soft enough to be cooked. Soft and even touch meat cooks at a very fast rate and is also very delicious
  • Uneven thick meat, such as chicken breast, can be pounded using a meat tenderizer to make it even for uniform cooking. The thickest part of the meat needs to be covered in a plastic wrap, and then it should be pounded on the flat side of the meat tenderizer

All you need to know to choose the best life jacket for kayaking

Kayaking is an adventure water sport and is a fun-filled outdoor activity. Since water is involved, there is every chance of falling overboard into the water due to a host of circumstances. Thus, safety equipment in the form of a personal flotation device, commonly known as a life jacket needs to be donned before embarking on kayaking. The PFD or life jacket keeps you afloat in the water if you accidentally slip overboard from your kayak. Even the best swimmers need to wear life jackets to be safe.

If you are looking for the Best Life jacket for kayaking, then the following points must be considered.


There are five types of life jackets, and the one you select must be as per your specific requirements.

Type I life jackets are suited for kayaking in rough seas, open waters, and in remote areas where rescue may take some time. These life jackets are designed for prolonged use and can keep unconscious persons afloat.

Type II life jackets are suited for calm waters, inland waters, and in areas where quick rescue is possible.

Type III life jackets are suitable for kayaking in areas where there is a chance of swift rescue. These life jackets are comfortable to wear and provide good freedom of movement.

Type IV PFD needs to be thrown to the person in the water, and it forms a cushion or ring around the person. This type of PFD is not required for kayaking.

Type V life jackets are special devices suited for specific activities only. The type of activity a Type V PFD is suited for is mentioned on its label. They are widely available for kayaking.

Standard and Inflatable

Standard life jackets provide buoyancy due to its material such as foam, which means they are inherently buoyant. The downside is such that they are quite bulky.

Inflatable life jackets are not inherently buoyant. Buoyancy is provided when the jacket inflates either automatically on coming in contact with water or by manually pulling a cord, which opens the CO2 cartridge present in it. These are very slim jackets which sit comfortably on the body. However, they are not suited for children, non-swimmers, and for high-impact kayaking, such as whitewater kayaking.


Visibility in the water is also an important consideration when looking for a Best Life jacket for kayaking because you need to be visible to the rescuers. To this end, the life jacket must be brightly colored and must also have reflective straps to be more visible, especially under low light conditions.

Top-rated cigar humidors in the market

Cigars cannot be stored in ordinary boxes. This is because cigars need to be stored under optimal humidity, which is around 68% to 74%. A cigar humidor is equipped with a humidifier that keeps the optimal humidity constant irrespective of the outside temperature. The Best Cigar Humidors are able to store cigars for many years and keep them in perfect condition to provide the best cigar smoking experience. Many problems affect the cigars if they are not stored in a humidor. These include bitter taste, mold growth, difficulty in lighting, and attack by beetles.

Some of the Best Cigar Humidors available in the market have been discussed here.

Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor

Mantello 100 Cigar Humidor is a stylish humidor that has Spanish cedar lining to keep the temperature stable inside it. The humidor has a removable tray that has holes and grooves to facilitate ventilation. The hinges are made of pure brass. There is also a divider that allows the cigars to be separated based on brand, type, country of origin, etc. The glass tempered top enables the viewing of the cigars without taking them out. The humidor can hold up to 100 cigars.

La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor

La Cubana Cherry Wood Cigar Humidor has a sleek and classy design and is made of scratch-resistant cherry wood. The interior is made of dried Spanish cedar, which maintains optimal moisture and also preserves the aroma of the cigars. There are two compartments which together store a maximum of 50 cigars. The humidor is also fitted with a hygrometer.

Case Elegance Cigar Humidor

Case Elegance cigar humidor has real Spanish cedar inlay and lining, which maintains the moisture at the optimum levels. This cigar humidor also features an in-built digital hygrometer. There is an accessory storage drawer to hold accessories such as lighter, cutters, etc. The humidor has magnetic sealing, which ensures that nothing can gain access to it. The glass top enables the viewing of the cigar collection from the outside.

Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor

Deauville 100 Cigar Humidor can hold 100-150 cigars depending on their size. The interior is lined with Spanish cedar to hold moisture while the exterior has a highly glossy maple wood finish. The lid opens and closes on hidden quadrant hinges. The tight seal provides complete protection to the inner environment. The hygrometer is made of glass and is mounted in a brass frame. The lock is gold plated and has an antique look. The humidor also has gold plated handles on its sides.

Scroll Saw- Uses, Types and its benefits

Scroll saw is a pedal-operated electric small-sized saw that is utilized to make intricate joints and curves cut in metal, wood, and other materials. The saw blade is fine that permits it to cut a lot more delicately as compared to a power jigsaw. It is more convenient as compared to a hand saw or a fretsaw. It can create curves with its edges. The common type of Scroll Saw is the parallel arm. The others are C-arm and rigid arm.

It is primarily used in:

  • Sculptural ornaments
  • Scrollwork
  • Scroll head designs
  • Woodworks
  • Modern intarsia

Its uniqueness is that it permits plenty of creativity for woodworkers and others. This tool needs less space. Scroll saw minimizes the need for several other tools as it is more than just a saw. For making interior cutouts, a drill may be required for fine detailing. This tool offers accuracy in making intricate joints and curves. These are particularly employed in thicker intarsia and modern intarsia projects. These are safer as the blade is small and slower as compared to a table saw.

Size- Classification is dependent on the throat size, which is the distance from the rear frame to the blade. 12″ throat is a small saw whereas 30″ throat is a commercial saw.

Types of Blades

Scroll saw blades come in different weights and sizes.

Their types are:

Skip tooth– It is also known as a single skip tooth blade with a gap alternate to each tooth.

Double skip tooth – Here, there is a gap after every two teeth.

Crown or 2-way– This has teeth both down and up to provide cuts on both up and downstroke.

Spiral blades-These are regular flat blades with a twist that provides teeth projection on all of the sides.

Metal cutting blades that are of hardened steel make.

Diamond blades for cutting glass. The wires are diamond fragment coated.

Reverse tooth blade– Bottom three-fourth inch of the teeth are pointed up. The arrangement is to minimize bottom edged cut splintering. The cut can be slow and generate heat, as dust is not cleared. They are beneficial in plywood and softwood cutting.

Ultra reverse tooth blade-In this arrangement, one tooth up and four to five teeth down and then repeat all through the blade length. The dust is cleared and provides a clean back.

Benefits of Scroll saw

  • It uses a reciprocating blade and not a continuous loop.
  • The blade is removable and can be placed in a pre-drilled hole, and so interior cutouts are possible to be made with no entry slot.
  • Both tooth count and width of the blade are fine, allowing intricate curves with this tool.
  • There is a small light fixture provided to lighten up the workspace along with a dust blower to keep the work area clean as well.
  • Table tilting facility enables cuts at an angle, particularly when working with delicate material, with precision.

A best Scroll saw is accurate, lowers vibration, easy to use and affordable. Each design and model provides its unique features. Some models have zero vibration at certain frequencies.

Features and advantages of Best Handheld Shower Head

A handheld showerhead is a detachable showerhead from the wall mount that is fixed. It can be used in the direction where it’s needed. Considering that one would want to get the best experience of a shower, we will look at the unique features of the Best handheld shower head.

Hand Held Shower Heads are used for massage, beauty hair treatments, and domestic bathrooms. These showerheads are easy to use for massaging on areas of body aches and sore muscles as they are movable and handheld. By simply altering the spray settings to powerful, the spray can give a gentle massage over the treatment region. With an extendable and movable hose, there are more choices to use as compared to fixed standard ones.

Important Features of Hand Showers

  • These are attractive
  • These are quite affordable
  • Available in a wide range of styles, functionalities, innovative designs and finishes
  • Easy-to-clean
  • They come with anti-clog nozzles
  • They come with extendable and movable/flexible hose
  • They are easy to install without any need of a plumber
  • They usually come with a lifetime warranty
  • They have different settings for water spray
  • There are a range of options to choose from White, chrome, or brushed nickel
  • They offer good flexibility as per the need

Some extra features

  • The hand-held showerhead comes with an attached hose and a bracket for good hold when in use and for good freedom of movement.
  • One can get 8-foot or 5-foot long hose attachments for an extension.
  • If both hands are in use, it comes with a holder bracket too, which can be used in this case by fixing the handheld showerhead into the bracket hold.
  • Some showerheads also come with a pivot ball mechanism or equivalent to adjust the position of the showerhead.

Some of the primary advantages

Conserves Water And Energy

Direct the water where it is required and save unnecessary wastage of water as compared to a fixed mount shower head. Since the switch is feasible to use, use only when needed. These come under water-saving choices and shower heads with low flow. These are shower heads that are handheld which provides you with water-saving bills without any compromise on their performance. They have EPA water sense technology.

Settings for Shower Pressure and Spray

There are settings for the high-pressure spray which is used for massages and full body spray with normal pressure to mist and power spray for light pressure spray of water. These offer high power and pressure even with an added hose.

Ideal for Disabled, Older people and kids

Less mobile individuals get maximum from its flexibility and its usage. One can avoid sliding off and unnecessary injuries too and be safe while showering. Kids will have fun with gentle pressure spray of water with spray settings.

Aids in pet cleaning                                        

The shower’s flexibility of usage and pressure of flow helps in cleaning pets easily and conveniently at home. You can do as many times while spending time with your pet.

Cleaning Shower walls

Easy, flexible and hose attached handheld showerhead gives easy wash onto the soap scrubbed walls and thereby makes cleaning the walls easier. you love to check out best showerheads 2020 list here.

How To Select The Best Size Dog Crate?

Most of the people look for the best dog crates available in the market and they are not aware of how to choose the right crates for their dogs. Before selecting the dog crate, one has to consider some features of the dog. A Dog is a pack animal, which is considered to be lived in the den for many years ago. But dogs always like to run with companions by showing their ancestral behavior. Staying in a den is also such behavior, hence you can allow them to stay inside the crates and it is not a cruel act. So when you are planning to buy a dog crate, you need to consider certain factors of your pet. also check :  Best Outdoor Dog Crate

Measuring the Dog’s Height and Length:

To purchase the crate, the first thing you need to focus on is crate size and the breed size. Many people know to measure the dog’s height and length to decide the crate size. For those who are not aware of this fact, follow these points. For the length of the crate, one needs to measure from the nose tip of the dog to the base of the tail and add 2-4 inches. This is for the standing position of the dog. But never measure to the end of the dog’s tail, as this will make wrong size calculations for buying a crate.

For the height of the crate, measure the dog in a sitting position from the floor to the tallest point of the dog’s nose or head and add 2-4 inches. This provides the shortest height of your pet. Some experts suggest adding from 2 to 6 inches extra to the measured size. This means one needs to add 2 inches to the measured size for smaller dogs and 6 inches for larger dogs. The width of the crate will be decided based on the height and length measurements of the dog.

Dog Crate Size Guides:

To get a clear idea about dog crate dimensions, check the dog crate size guides available online. According to the dog crate size guide suggested by the manufacturer, a crate of 24″L X 20″H required for a 25-pound dog. But in the Scottish Terriers breed chart, it is mentioned as 30″L x 21″ H for the same 25-pound dog. When you compare all these size charts along with your calculation, you will get confused about which one to choose. Thus, you will end up by choosing a larger crate, in which you can divide the crate into various sections for your dog to enjoy the sleeping area and restroom separately.

After comparing the standard size charts, you will choose a larger crate which is another mistake. Because such a larger crate never creates the feeling of safety and security to your dogs. Also, there is no need to buy such a larger crate for your puppy. You can upgrade to a new crate when your puppy grows an adult dog. Thus, whatever way you look for deciding the purchase of the dog crate ensures that you consult all the methods, dog crate size guides, and breeds.

Choosing The Right Drinking Fountain For Your Cat

It is common for any pet owners to understand that the cat has to drink more water for maintaining a perfect health condition. To encourage your cat to drink more water, a pet owner has to choose the right water fountain for their cat.

There are two things to consider when choosing a cat water fountain such as the make and model of the fountain and how your cat prefers to drink. Here will discuss them in detail:

Cat Water Fountain Construction:

Most of the cat water fountains are made up of plastic, stainless steel or ceramic materials. One can even find the difference in the same plastic made fountains, as some are cheap in quality that will get scratches easily and some are made using high-grade plastics. Some plastic fountains are much durable too.

It is highly recommended to go with the ceramic or stainless steel cat water fountains, but avoid buying the one made of plastic. Though all fountains have plastic constructed parts, the pet owner should avoid plastic bowls or drinking surfaces made of plastic. This is where the cat’s skin may touch while drinking water and there are several reasons to avoid this.

Never use Plastic Cat Water Fountains:

There are two reasons for the pet owner to avoid buying the plastic cat water fountain. The first reason is that the cats may have a severe skin reaction to plastics. Some cats may suffer from allergic reactions to plastics. This is not due to the direct skin reaction with plastics but it’s from the fungal surfaces of the scratched area of plastics. The allergy may range from mild irritation to deep infections on the cat’s skin.

You love to check best cat beds 2020

The second thing is that one can’t avoid plastic fountains getting scratches on them. But with high-grade plastics, you can avoid more scratches. But still, mild scratches in them lead to the formation of bacterial growth. Such molds and bacterial growths result in foul smells and odors of the plastic fountains and now your pets start to hate drinking in such foul-smelling plastic fountains.

There is no use in buying such a fountain when the cat doesn’t like to drink water in it. If you can’t save your cat’s health, you should avoid buying this fountain. Thus, go with the ceramic or stainless steel cat water fountains.

Cat Drinking Fountain Design:

The next feature is to consider the design of the fountain. There are two basic designs of cat water fountains. The first model is the one in which water flows down from the top to the side of the fountain to meet the large pool. The next model is similar to water flowing from your faucet to the bathtub. It depends on how your cat likes to drink water from the fountain you can choose any one of the above models.

To maintain your cat’s health in a good condition and to drink the freshest, cleanest water by your pet, always buy the best cat water fountain made of either stainless steel or ceramic material.

Are hiking sandals good for your feet?

Going on adventurous hiking can be refreshing for your mind and that’s why everyone should go on hiking and long walks from time to time. Whenever you plan to go for a hike, it is crucial to choose all the necessary gears and accessories for yourself. Whether it is clothes or footwear, you should everything geared up. Most of you might wear shoes during hiking but you hate the sweaty feet afterward. Sometimes, if there is blazing heat, you might have difficulty while walking on the rocks with sweaty feet. Wearing hiking sandals can be a superb option for all the adventurous people out there.

Hiking in sandals is not only possible but also enjoyable. You must have seen many hikers wear sandals and they really have invested in quality sandals. It is not necessary to get expensive sandals for hiking but you need to choose the right quality of sandals to avoid any discomfort to your feet later. There are many benefits of doing hiking in sandals and one of the major benefits is that these are lightweight than your shoes. You will save a lot of energy after wearing hiking sandals instead of wearing shoes. There are many hikers who get irritated with the straps of their sandals but this reduces blister causing problems. That’s why you should prefer hiking sandals instead of shoes. The best thing about hiking sandals is that you don’t have to worry about them taking into water. You can easily swim or place your feet anywhere you want. There is no need to take off your shoes every time you find water somewhere but you can confidently wear these hiking sandals anywhere.

Choose the best sandal brands

Whenever you are planning to buy best hiking sandals, it will be best to look for the top brands. The right kind of hiking sandals is mainly Xero, Keen, Tevas, Chacos, etc. Make sure that you check the necessary features before buying any particular sandal for hiking. Whenever you are buying hiking sandals, you should look for flexibility. The sandals should be flexible enough to provide you ultimate comfort during a hike. Always look for the trusted brand products which are available at reasonable prices. You can definitely get good quality sandals at reasonable prices. There are no chances that you will face any issues with the sandal brands.

What to check in hiking sandals?

You should look for some important things before you invest in particular hiking sandals. You can opt for the sandals which come with sole and toe protection. Make sure that you buy the sandals which can provide ultimate protection from water. You can find various style options in the hiking sandals which can make you stand out from the crowd. You should look for the sandals which come with anti-microbial properties so that you never feel sweaty while hiking in the sandals. There won’t be any problem with foot odor if you will buy such quality sandals.

Budget Garden Maintenance Tips: Very Brief Guide

Is your nursery looking somewhat dull and needing all-around TLC? All things considered, there’s no time like the present to handle your outside space. On the off chance that your nursery fencing needs fixing or painting, or your nursery edging appears to be excessively chaotic it can affect upon the entire of your terrace space. Breathing new life into your back nursery (or front nursery, so far as that is concerned) doesn’t generally require a scene planter.

  1. Paint your home number on plant pots

One for the front nursery. This work of art thought is a completely enchanting approach to make your home immediately recognizable. It costs by nothing, particularly in the event that you as of now have a plant pot at the top of the priority list and a test pot of paint. Get innovative and paint your preferred plan – here straightforward blossoms are made with freehand brush daps. To paint the numbers perfectly we suggest utilizing either a wraparound stencil or stamping them unequivocally with the covering table.

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  1. Make your own plant show with old stepping stools

Venture up your nursery highlights with the assistance of enhancing stepping stool racking. These stepping stool racks are shaped by integrating two stepping stools at the top. Wooden boards laid over the runs give the racks on which to show pruned plants, lights and improving frill. Very simple to make and completely financially savvy. A positive development for spending gardens! Also make a small investment on best garden hose according to your garden, it is really a value for money tool.

  1. Catalyst sunlight based lights for atmosphere

Pixie lights in the nursery help to include feeling. This cunning thought is made utilizing a kitchen staple, the Kilner container, and a lot of sun-powered controlled lights. Fueled by throughout the day by the sun these delicate lights will cast a pretty shine over nurseries after dull. They are an extraordinary arrangement that doesn’t cost a ton by any means.

  1. Light up a divider with plants in picture outlines

Basic however gigantically compelling, this simple make costs only a couple of pounds yet is a shrewd method to carry shading to a dull divider. It’s an incredible Bank Holiday venture – you’ll require a few edges, chicken wire, paints, and succulents and greenery to round them out

Are wet wipes the same as baby wipes?

Baby wipes, toddler one, drywipes, wet one etc. are the various types of wipes used by people. When you want to buy a baby wipe, it is very easy for parents to choose the right one with many choices available. Most people have the same doubt that both wet wipes and baby wipes are the same.  But it is not so, they have some differences.

Baby wipes and wet wipes:

Baby wipes are not formulated with harsh chemicals whereas wet wipes are often formulated with powerful chemicals.  To clean the newborn babies, baby wipes are used due to which there are no harmful chemicals in such wipes to avoid irritation and allergic reactions on the baby’s skin. But wet wipes are often used to clean up adults or other messes hence they include cleansers, antibacterial agents, and other chemicals. Such wet wipes irritate the baby’s sensitive skin. Check here is the some top rated baby wipes list

Wet wipes serve a different purpose than baby wipes:

In general, wet wipes are different than baby wipes. Such products are mainly designed for adults to serve their different needs such as replacements for toilet paper, or general mess cleaners. Though wet wipes and baby wipes look almost the same, they serve different purposes. Even one can see the difference in the packaging of both wipes, but when you take out the wipes from such packs, you won’t see much difference between them.

Wet wipes contain antibacterials:

Wet wipes are generally meant to clean and kill germs, so they are formulated with some common chemicals such as Benzethonium chloride, Quarternium-52, Phenoxyethanol, and Methyl, ethyl, and propyl parabens, and alcohol, etc.

Baby wipes have milder, gentler ingredients:

New mothers use baby wipes to clean the newborn baby’s dirt areas of skin. Newborn babies are generally feeble, so one has to handle them with great care and protection. This is why baby wipes avoid the use of the most dangerous chemical ingredients. They are formulated with fewer ingredients to avoid the irritation of the baby’s sensitive skin. So, new mothers can use the baby wipes to just clean the baby’s messes. With the use of baby wipes, there is less chance to get irritations and rashes. But one can even treat such conditions, by following certain things like frequent exposure of wipes to the same areas, using ointments while changing diapers, changing diapers frequently.