Uncharted 5 wishlist features

Uncharted 5 Wishlist Features The Fans Want To See

Ever since Uncharted 4: The Lost Legacy was under speculative world, gaming gurus wanted to witness yet another game, but that never happened exactly identical to expectations. Nathan Drake has been long into the world of Uncharted and to be obvious we have witnessed every Uncharted game with this character as the center of the game. Creator and writer of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy has recently shared his views at the Eurogamer interview where it was clearly stated that right now they are more into the production of Lost Legacy, which has become more than just a DLC. Gamers still have a question in their minds, when can we expect the Uncharted 5 game?

Uncharted 5 wishlist

Uncharted 5: Some Wishlist Features

As Eurogamer interview proved that the game is coming in, speculations have made the best possible way in concerning the gamers’ sentiments. Further down we are going to present some of the fans’ wishlist feature for the upcoming Uncharted game. Read on and know more.

  • With Uncharted 5 we are definitely going to get our hands with the multiplayer. But all probable rumors hint us that it would be with a split screen option for co-op mode.
  • Vehicles and weapons are somewhat an integral part for games like Uncharted. But wait here, we are not talking about futuristic stuff. Fans definitely want to witness the inclusion of new kinds of cars as well as guns in Uncharted 5.
  • With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, gamers are going to witness an open world setting, and the game is taking fans in the mountains of India. Perhaps we want to witness an open world setting in Uncharted 5 too, say for a bigger continent, for e.g. Africa.

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Can Uncharted 5 happen with Nathan Drake as the protagonist?

Developers have successfully worked with two of the favorite Uncharted side characters in the Lost Legecy. At least by watching Uncharted: The Lost Legacy trailer, it is clear to us how the creators have developed Chloe’s character and while filling in those holes in character, the game turned out to be more than just a DLC. Lost Legacy is going to get launched by fall of August this year. Gaming gurus have hugely speculated the next level of expectations. Yes, and that is all about Uncharted 5. At the Eurogamer, envisions turned out to be real where Shaun Escayg stated that there is supposed to be another Uncharted game but this time they are going to focus more on the side characters as they did in the Lost Legacy. So it is pretty sure from the developers’ side that Uncharted 5 is not going to create with Nathan Drake, instead of the side characters that were portrayed in Lost Legacy. Wait for the next rounds of speculations regarding Uncharted 5 until the game gets into its development. check out detail of uncharted 6 here.

Borderlands 3 to have much better graphics

Borderlands 3 Will Come With Some Next-Gen Graphical Upgrades

After a very long wait, fans of the Borderlands series finally managed to find comfort early this year knowing that work on Borderlands 3 is currently in progress. That is not to say that we have received direct and unquestioned confirmation from the creators about the same, but the hints that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford dropped at this year’s Game Developers Conference was enough to drive home the point.

The truth is that Borderlands fans have been waiting for a really long time to hear something concrete about Borderlands 3. But varied information from the creators’ camp ended up confounding them more than anything else. Around 2015, Pitchford stated publicly that the next main entry in the acclaimed series was definitely on their minds, and he added that it had to be huge in order to live up to the high standards that the franchise had set for itself and to the expectations of fans.

But it was not until 2016 that we heard talks about commencing the development of the highly anticipated sequel to Borderlands 2. Pitchford told fans that work would start as soon as they were done with their 2016 title Battleborn and its DLC content. But the good news was that some notable familiar names (Mikey Newmann, Scott Kester) were coming back to continue the journey with their contributions.

Borderlands 3 to come with better graphics

Thanks to all of this, we can now expect that Borderlands 3 is currently in the works (Battleborn is long done). But the biggest hint came during Gearbox’s GDC 2017 showing where they demonstrated a new technology that they were working on. While nothing specific was said about Borderlands 3, what we saw featured some elements that unquestionably belonged to the world of Borderlands. The fact that we had never seen them before fortify our belief that these were, indeed, elements taken from the upcoming series addition that is rumored to be in progress. The most notable elements that we spotted were a barren location and a female character who was all suited up, Borderlands style.

Pitchford never confirmed that any of it belonged to the upcoming entry, but he did mention that the tech was something that could be used in the next Borderlands game. So now that we are sure for the most part that Borderlands 3 is in development, we are really happy that Gearbox is working on some next generation visual technology to bring into Borderlands 3. The Borderlands series has received critical acclaim from all quarters and has become an influential series in the history of gaming for a lot of factors, but one can never ignore the contribution that its unique graphics had in this.

The one thing that we have all wanted to see in Borderlands 3 is a huge leap forward in terms of its graphics. But the fact that the developers are working hard to achieve that is very good to hear. Going by the demo Pitchford showed, the series’ trademark cel-shaded comic book-type graphics is definitely getting some polish. The new technology, the Gearbox Chief said, was being developed based on the Unreal Engine 4 which has been used to build notable titles like Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, and Kingdom Hearts 3, and also the highly anticipated Shenmue 3 that is set to release in 2017.

On all other fronts, such as in-game details like environments, weapons, and enemies, we trust Gearbox to know exactly what is best for Borderlands 3. We hope to hear more concrete news from Pitchford himself soon.

Galaxy Note 8 will release after Galaxy Note 7R

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be Launched after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Innovation in the field of technology is something that comes in every now and then. Every new launch and there is a new thing that comes in. And these things take place, particularly when it comes to the smartphones and electronic gadgets from the house of Samsung. This is primarily one of the reasons why Samsung manages to stay in the news feed from the field of technology more regularly than many other tech companies.

It has been not long that the world came across the Samsung Galaxy S8 and already eyes are glued to the upcoming devices which are going to be launched in the remainder of the ongoing year. There are expectations that Samsung will launch yet another flagship device before the curtains are drawn. And it could well be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In fact, this is no more at a stage of expectation, rather, it can be stated that it is somewhat confirmed that the next-generation flagship device is going to be launched before the end of the year 2017.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, there are lots of rumors going on around in the market. And most of the rumors are of the opinion that the flagship device is going to be launched in the month of September. If that turns out to be true, then the users would be able to see it much later than the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R. It is reported that the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be launched very shortly. So much before we can get the first look of the flagship device from Samsung in the Note line-up, we will be able to get an idea regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.

Galaxy Note 8 likely to release after Galaxy Note 7R

Regarding the features of the smartphone, there is always some rumor or the other going on around in the market. The most popular that concerns the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at this moment are the one which states crucial information regarding the camera of the phablet. There are lots of discussions going on around in the market that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might become one of the first Samsung devices to sport a dual-lens camera setup on its back, the first one is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy X though.

The latest news which has come out also hints that the smartphone will be equipped with a dual-lens camera. Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that it is going to come out such camera setup and it will be better even than the camera setup in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This is certainly going to be one of the biggest selling points of the smartphone when it comes out on the market.

Other than that, nothing much has come out which is different from the previous ones. Among the older ones, the report which has stated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to retain the S-Pen Stylus can be regarded as a surety for that is one of the signature features of the devices which have come out from the house of Samsung in that line-up.

Vikings Season 5: Exploring of New Lands will Make the Plot More Intrigue

Vikings season 5 is the new sensation of television series, where the last series was ended with a lot of speculation, it left a number of questions which possibly be revealed in the fifth season. It is part of the fact that Lagertha will take the front seat in the show along with Heahmund and Ivar the Boneless. Executive producer Morgan O’Sullivan revealed fragmented details of the coming season, and according to him there will be some added characters and story will take to some different lands where there will be the possibility of some new plot lines and new situations.

The importance of the character Floki in Vikings Fifth Season will be increased as he will be able to explore some new lands and that will be probably in Iceland. So the boatmaker will put his trust in Ketill Björnsson who is also known as Flatnose will take the side of the Vikings to help them expand their realm.

 But apart from the expansion, this season will be full of revenge too. As there is a possible face-off between Ivar and Lagertha, as she killed his mother, Aslaug. On the other hand, Lagertha’s enmity with King Herald is also another part of the season that will make a very dramatic scenario. There is a possibility that a Lagertha will win over King Herald and will save the throne of Denmark for herself.

On the other hand, Bjorn with Ubbe will try to conquer more land to fulfill the dreams of their father, Ragnar. Bishop Heahmund’s possible clash with Ivar and his army will too raise the dramatic intensity. Floki, after the death of his wife Helga and friend Ragnar, will be in a despairing condition, but will not let his talent to be overshadowed by his sadness and will influence the plot by exploring Iceland.  

Vikings will definitely be very intense this time with Season 5 Cast, and as there is a possibility of new lands and kings, the plot will be more twisted and complex. There is a rumor that this coming season will be last season for Lagertha, but there is no confirmation on that, and it seems she is going to acquire the power to make herself one of the most powerful and reputed woman characters among the Vikings.

Though the series of Vikings go through to reflect the mind and psyche of the Vikings, but the best part of the show is it has tried to be as real to the history as possible. Still, the series has faced a number of criticisms regarding the authenticity of the historical event. But one must remember, it is technically impossible to keep the pace of the history with a dramatic series, and thus at times the makers are bound to overlap the events.

The popularity of the show is immense, and as the fourth had been most dramatic of all, now the query regarding the fifth is obvious. But as the release date of this great show has not been declared yet, we have nothing to do but wait for it and speculating events!

Xbox 2 Release Date Could Be Pretty Near — All You Need to Know

We all know that Microsoft is working on a certain project called the Project Scorpio and that it’s just the next generation of the Xbox console. It was back in 2016, Microsoft had announced at the E3 about their next project codenamed Project Scorpio. Back then they announced that the console is set to be rolled out in 2017. It’s already 2017, and we haven’t heard anything much about the release date of the Xbox 2 until now. There are fresh rumors surrounding the Xbox Scorpio release date, and we are going to discuss it in this post.

The current console the Xbox One has been launched back on November 22, 2013, in the US and clearly ended up winning hearts of people. So Xbox fans really got excited when they first heard of the project. But the only question that has been on people’s minds had been that when exactly does Microsoft plan to launch their products. Of course, they said the Xbox 2 Release Date  in 2017 but we are already halfway through the year, already five months into the year and there is no real confirmation. Fans have been wondering is if the release date has been postponed to which we now have an answer.

Xbox 2 Release Date

The new rumor is basically good news for fans who can pretty much hope to pick up the console this Christmas. This is just the sort of news we had been waiting for since the time the project was announced. This is the rumor that has emerged right before the 2017 E3 gaming expo. And the best fact is that the news comes from none other than the Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who when asked on Twitter is there is a change in the Xbox 2 release date, replied saying this: “Schedule looks very good right now, no issues.” This is what has prompted fans and tech gurus to believe that the console will be coming out in the second of the year and the most convenient time is the holiday season of Christmas, which is a great time to send your product sales soaring.

We are expecting that Microsoft will announce the date of the release at the E3 gaming expo and there are expectations that they might also end up revealing the price of the console so that people are pretty much equipped to handle the pocket burn when Xbox 2 actually hits the market shelves.

There are a lot of talks going on surrounding the Xbox 2 and a lot of rumors as to what new things that console will be bringing on the table. There are reports that there’ll be Voice Control Settings which will make the console a serious winner in the gaming industry. People expect the console to come with everything that the new and advanced technology has to offer in this modern day time. There are also talks that the Xbox 2 will be featuring custom game specific controllers that’ll be great, to say the least. And folks, this is all that we know about the upcoming console, but there is no official confirmation regarding these, so you should really take these rumors with a pinch of salt.

Important Aspects To Consider Before Buying A Dash Cam

When buying a dashboard camera, there are several things that you need to consider to make sure that you buy the best dash cam for your specific requirements. The most important aspect that you would want to consider is the quality of footage recorded. If the quality of images is not good, then you will not be able to use those footages in the case of an accident when you are blamed. Thus, the purpose of buying the camera will not be met. Most of the best dash cams available in the market support minimum 720p resolution while some devices may support the 1080p resolution or even higher than that.

Another important factor that you must consider when buying a dash cam is whether you will opt for a single or multiple lenses. The single camera will only record the road that is ahead of you while the camera with multiple lenses will capture images/ videos from multiple angles as there are rear windscreen and forward-facing cameras present. Also, check the best car battery brands.

The biggest advantage of a single lens is that you don’t need to worry about getting the device hard wired. However, you won’t be able to record footages if someone hits you from the side or back. To be able to record vehicles banging your car from behind you might need multiple lenses as it captures back and sides footages. The downside of using multiple lenses is that you will need to get the device wired in.

Besides the above aspects, here are some important features that you might want the best dash cam to include:

#1. GPS location tracking:

This is an important feature to protect you while you are on the road. The GPS location tracking facility tells about your exact location when the collision took place. It will include details about the route you had the taken and the speed at which your car was speeding. This information and evidence will help you build a strong case.

#2. G-force sensors

The regular cams will record videos on a continuous loop, which means that when the memory card runs out the camera will rewrite footages on the oldest recordings. If your camera has G-force sensors, then it will be able to save the moments that exhibit higher G-force, such as the time of the collision or other types of impact.

#3. Parking mode:

This is another useful feature that will command your dashboard camera to start recording if an impact or collision takes place when your car is safely parked in the parking lot. This will help you identify who bumped on your vehicle when it was standing by or who left that ugly scratch on the door and sped by.

Most of the products come with a separate SD card. If your dash cam does not contain one, then we would recommend that you get one separately. To start using the device, you just need to plug in the device using a power cord. If the best dash cam has to be installed with hard wires, then you might need to call a professional to get the installation done.

iOS 11 is Anticipated to Sport a Massive Siri Upgrade

Gone are the days when Nokia 1100 used to be our only savior but things have changed massively today, in the era of Smartphones, people always look out for the best devices in the market these days. And for a Smartphone to great sport features, it needs to be equipped with a greater operating system. OS are the heart of all the gadgets as the functionality of it totally depends upon the operating system.

It starts getting into use after the user turns on their respective device, and soon after that they get the access to all the applications which are downloaded on the device. Whenever we talk about operating systems, we tend to speak about iOS, Windows and of course, Android as these there OS have been ruling it since their inception.

Several users have different opinions about these operating systems; some say that iOS is the best one among the entire lot and nothing can beat it at all. Some users state that Windows has its own charm and stands out and according to some Android will always top the list.

So there has always been a competition among these three operating systems. But talking about iOS, it was launched only for the iPhones initially, but the developers soon started equipping the iOS with iPod Touch and other devices developed by Apple.

It’s only because of the iOS that the devices get to sport so many innovative features which make them stand out in all rights. The last one was the iOS 10 which once again wooed away from the users by bearing great features. The best part was the photo stories which can be made through the pictures by just clicking on memories in the photo section. The fascinating features made every user satisfied and they are expecting the iOS 11 to be even bigger.

There could be a possibility of Apple launching the next OS in the series along with the much anticipated iPhone 8 and such rumors have only emerged because the release date of the operating system has not been out until now. But that does not restrain the users who are waiting for its release to mull over the features which can be expected.

The users are in dire need of a major Siri upgrade due to which the developers should actually think of coming something big regarding Siri when the iOS 11 launches. Therefore, a major upgrade in Siri might be expected from the developers this time.

iOS 10 did feature the 3D Touch, and now even the upcoming operating system by the American multinational company is predicted to sport the same feature. Apart from that the users also have urged to witness iOS 11 sporting a Dark Mode feature which is expected to be an extremely convenient feature for every user.

However, there are a lot of discussions going regarding the iOS 11 which indicates that people have already started becoming hyped with it. Therefore, the upcoming operating system is awaited to a larger extent.

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