Meat Tenderizer Uses and Benefits

Meat is made of muscle fibers and collagen fibers. Tenderizing the meat implies breaking down the muscle fibers and collagen fibers, which makes it soft and juicy. Breakdown of collagen results in the formation of gelatin, which adds moisture to the meat cuts, thereby making them softer. Tender meat cuts are used to prepare a plethora of dishes.

There are multiple methods of tenderizing meat. One of the most common methods of tenderizing meat is using a hand-powered tool called meat tenderizer.


Some of the major benefits of using right meat tenderizer have been listed here.

  • Meat tenderizer, especially the ones using a mallet to pound the meat cuts, make the meat very soft. Soft meat pieces are very easy to chew and digest. This is especially beneficial for elderly people who find it difficult to chew hard meat. Leaner cuts of meat also have lesser calories and fat as compared to thicker cuts. Soft meat cuts are also easy to cook because they do not take a long time to cook.
  • Meat tenderizer creates uniform cuts in the meat pieces. Making thick cuts at the center where the meat is bulkier and thin cuts at the end is the correct way to cut the meat using a meat tenderizer. The uniform distribution of cuts results in even cooking of the meat, thereby eliminating the problem of under-cooking or over-cooking.
  • The cuts made by a meat tenderizer in the meat pieces ensures that heat passes through them very easily. Consequently, the cooking process is accelerated, which obviously shortens the cooking time. It is estimated that tenderized meat cooks 50% faster as compared to non-tenderized meat.
  • Meat tenderizer improves the flavor of the meat significantly. The reason is the ability of the meat tenderizer to make holes in the meat. Prior to cooking, the meat is marinated using various ingredients such as ginger, garlic, lemon juice, pepper, salt, and various types of spices as per the recipe. In a tenderized meat, these ingredients penetrate inside through the holes, thereby enhancing the flavor from both inside and outside.
  • A meat tenderizer makes the meat juicier because leaner cuts of meat tend to preserve more moisture. you love to check Best Smokeless Indoor Grill

Types of uses

Meat needs to be tenderized if you want to prepare tough cuts for making steak or fry the meat. Tender meat is also necessary if you want to broil. Meat replete with connective tissue can also be tenderized to make it lose. Two of the common types of uses of a meat tenderizer are as follows.

  • Meat tenderizer can be used to pound touch meat. Touch meat is used to prepare steaks, and it is hard. A meat tenderizer softens touch meat by pounding it. You need to pound the meat until it is soft enough to be cooked. Soft and even touch meat cooks at a very fast rate and is also very delicious
  • Uneven thick meat, such as chicken breast, can be pounded using a meat tenderizer to make it even for uniform cooking. The thickest part of the meat needs to be covered in a plastic wrap, and then it should be pounded on the flat side of the meat tenderizer