Is it worth buying a laser printer for personal uses?

Regardless of the place where you are working, printers have significant importance. You might have soft copies of documents stored on your phone or laptop. But not every time you can use those documents in soft copies. Therefore, you have to take a print out of the document. Printers have different kinds of uses for students and office employees. Also, there are different categories among printers. Generally, high-quality printers have their specific uses for official works and purposes. It’s a basic that you won’t use the same printer at home that is used in a law firm. Students require printouts of online journals and magazines for their projects and other study purposes.

The laser printer is a printer with advanced technology and specifications. Though laser printers look similar to normal printers but provide many more facilities. You can’t do several printing jobs with normal printers that are quite easy with a laser printer. You’ll also notice a difference between the price ranges of these two types of printers.

Now the question is if a laser printer good for home usage or not? To get an appropriate answer to this question, you have to check out all of its pros and cons.

Are the laser printers good for home usage? 

Should you buy a laser printer for your personal uses at home? Is it worth investing the extra money on a laser printer? Laser printers cost a lot of money, and the prices are noticeably higher than regular or latest inkjet printers in India. You should get information about all the pros and cons of a laser printer. Then you can decide easily if buying a laser printer for home uses will be friendly for you.


  • Laser printers deliver way faster printing speed than any other printer. Although, high printing speed is the priority for the official printing tasks. There are requirements for high volume printing in a short span of time, and faster printing speed is essential. But for your own home using purposes, higher printing speed is not that much necessary.
  • Laser printers are efficient in handling all types of fonts, lines, and graphics. The sharp black texts of a printout from a laser printer can drag your attention easily. This is a thing that is worth investing in. High-quality printouts are always favourable for any usage.
  • Laser toner cartridges are capable of printing more volume of pages, and those make lesser wastage. On the other hand, the inkjet cartridges are prone to waste more number of pages. Although, for occasional home usage, you might not face many issues.


  • A laser printer will take much more time than an inkjet printer to get in the ready to go mode. While having an urgency of printing, you can’t afford to allow them time to warm up.
  • While having a laser printer, you’ll have to spend more for the upfront costs of printing.
  • You can’t insert a material that is sensitive to heat in a laser printer. But a normal printer can handle all types of page materials with the same efficiency.
  • Laser printers are not that good in handling photos. If you print photos regularly, a laser printer must not be your choice.
  • Most of the laser printer models are big. That’s why these might not fit in your computer table.

After checking all the factors, you might have understood that spending on a laser printer for home usage isn’t worthy. For casual home uses, you should go for a normal printer rather than a laser printer.