How To Select The Best Size Dog Crate?

Most of the people look for the best dog crates available in the market and they are not aware of how to choose the right crates for their dogs. Before selecting the dog crate, one has to consider some features of the dog. A Dog is a pack animal, which is considered to be lived in the den for many years ago. But dogs always like to run with companions by showing their ancestral behavior. Staying in a den is also such behavior, hence you can allow them to stay inside the crates and it is not a cruel act. So when you are planning to buy a dog crate, you need to consider certain factors of your pet. also check :  Best Outdoor Dog Crate

Measuring the Dog’s Height and Length:

To purchase the crate, the first thing you need to focus on is crate size and the breed size. Many people know to measure the dog’s height and length to decide the crate size. For those who are not aware of this fact, follow these points. For the length of the crate, one needs to measure from the nose tip of the dog to the base of the tail and add 2-4 inches. This is for the standing position of the dog. But never measure to the end of the dog’s tail, as this will make wrong size calculations for buying a crate.

For the height of the crate, measure the dog in a sitting position from the floor to the tallest point of the dog’s nose or head and add 2-4 inches. This provides the shortest height of your pet. Some experts suggest adding from 2 to 6 inches extra to the measured size. This means one needs to add 2 inches to the measured size for smaller dogs and 6 inches for larger dogs. The width of the crate will be decided based on the height and length measurements of the dog.

Dog Crate Size Guides:

To get a clear idea about dog crate dimensions, check the dog crate size guides available online. According to the dog crate size guide suggested by the manufacturer, a crate of 24″L X 20″H required for a 25-pound dog. But in the Scottish Terriers breed chart, it is mentioned as 30″L x 21″ H for the same 25-pound dog. When you compare all these size charts along with your calculation, you will get confused about which one to choose. Thus, you will end up by choosing a larger crate, in which you can divide the crate into various sections for your dog to enjoy the sleeping area and restroom separately.

After comparing the standard size charts, you will choose a larger crate which is another mistake. Because such a larger crate never creates the feeling of safety and security to your dogs. Also, there is no need to buy such a larger crate for your puppy. You can upgrade to a new crate when your puppy grows an adult dog. Thus, whatever way you look for deciding the purchase of the dog crate ensures that you consult all the methods, dog crate size guides, and breeds.