How to Paint Using an Airless Paint Sprayer

A few years back, the painting was a time consuming and difficult task. The user had to manually use a brush and paint the whole surface. However, with the introduction of airless paint sprayers, the task is comparatively easier and less time-consuming. If you are new to using an airless paint sprayer, then the steps mentioned below will help you use the sprayer with ease.

Things to remember before using an airless paint sprayer: –

  • The benefits offered by an airless paint sprayer depend largely on the length of the hose, so it is best recommended that you go for a product with maximum hose length.
  • While painting, maintain at least 12-inches distance between the paint gun and the surface.
  • Always paint in long and continuous motion and have a supply of additional paint with you always.
  • Using an airless sprayer does not mean that you should neglect all the traditional painting steps. Before painting, it is very important that you clean the surface
  • There are different types of paint gun tips available on the market, each type delivers a different kind of spray patterns. So based on the types of spray patterns you need, select the suitable gun tip.

Here are the steps to follow to paint using an airless paint spray: –

Step 1: – Plug in the sprayer machine and then switch on the machine to prime the paint sprayers. The priming will help in clear the air bubbles from the hose and from the gun. It is very important that you carefully watch the priming and make sure there are no bubbles coming out from the gun. Once, you make sure that there are no longer any bubbles coming out of the gun, then, you are halfway ready to use the sprayer.

Step 2: – After the priming is done and bubbles stop coming out of the gun. You should fill the hose with paint as instructed in your product’s user manual. Most commonly, the procedure follows setting your machine on spray mode and letting the paint run through the tip and once a steady flow is achieved, you should lock the trigger and mount your tip guard.

Step 3: – Once the paint is loaded into the machine, the user will have to set the right pressure. Even though the airless paint sprayer does not use the air, the pressure is still important. For the paint to be delivered to the surface through the gun there should be pressure, the user will have to set this pressure manually.

Conclusion –

If you are using the airless paint sprayer for the first time, then, it could be a little messy. The process itself is not complicated, but if you do not follow the steps in the right order, things could get messy. Therefore, before using the product read the above-mentioned steps and facts and act accordingly.