How do you use panty liners?

Pantyliners are one of the finest inventions in the world of feminine hygiene. It is something that makes women feel confident, free, and dry. Pantyliners are worn by women who face the challenges that come due to regular vaginal discharges. How many of you know the correct technique of using panty liners? If you are one of those individuals who do not know how to use the panty liners properly, need not to worry. This article is written just for you. Below, in our article, we have tried our best to provide you with some pieces of information about panty liners. Without any further delay, let us dig in!

What are panty liners?

The panty liners are a thinner and lighter version of sanitary pads. They are worn by women to absorb their daily discharges that take place. The vaginal discharge is quite a common issue that happens with every other woman out there. It is a mechanism where the vaginal performs a self-cleansing. The invention of panty liners have given a great amount of comfort and freedom to the women who used to feel uncomfortable and pesky due to vaginal discharges.

Why the panty liners are important?

The panty liners are an amazing way to avoid the irritating dampness in the underwear. It helps the women stay dry, clean as well as fresh.

How to wear the panty liner?

Pantyliners are worn in a similar way as the sanitary pads. All you have to do is stick the panty liner to your underwear and tadaa! You will feel clean and fresh for the entire day.

When should I wear the panty liner?


  • The panty liner can be worn as soon as you start to feel moist down there. It will keep you dry and clean.
  • It is important to keep in mind that the panty liners should be worn only before and/or after the menstruation. It helps people take care of the stains that occur due to vaginal discharge.
  • During exercise: The panty liners should be worn during the time of working out such as jumping, heavy lifting, and other physical activities. During these times the changes of expulsion of vaginal discharge increases ten folds. Using the panty liner can help make the exercise pleasant.
  • At the time of travel: Pantyliners come handy at the time of traveling. This way you will keep your underwear fresh and clean.
  • If you are someone who wears a menstrual cup or tampon, then you should definitely use the panty liner as a precautionary measure. This will help prevent your undies from stains and spots.

When is the bad time to wear a panty liner?

  • People should take off their panty liners before going to the bed for sleeping. This helps the skin breathe properly at night time. Otherwise, there is a potential risk of rashes and itching.
  • It is advisable not to wear the panty liners at the time of heavy period flow. In such situations, always wear tampons, sanitary pads, period panties, and menstrual cups.

That’s pretty much all about panty liners!