Guide to buy the best dry iron

Dry irons are used for basic ironing of clothes for everyday use. They have basic features, light in weight and affordable. Dry irons may not be as effective as steam irons in removing creases and wrinkles, but they are handy for ironing clothes every day. Dry irons are well suited for lightweight clothes and fabric. However, their heavy-duty dry irons as well, which can be used for jeans and cargos as well.

These points will help anyone looking for the best dry iron in selecting the right one among a host of models of dry irons in the market.


Soleplate provides heat to the clothes and is the part which glides over the clothes. The soleplate of dry iron can be made of ceramic, aluminium, stainless steel or titanium. Non-stick coated soleplate moves smoothly over the clothes and is highly recommended. Stainless steel and ceramic soleplates are also very efficient. The aluminium soleplate is also efficient, but the efficiency decreases over a period of time which results in either the clothes sticking to the soleplate or getting burned.

Variable temperature control

The dry iron must be equipped with a variable temperature control feature. This is because depending upon the type of fabric, various types of clothes require different temperatures. For example, cotton clothes require lower temperatures as compared to other clothes. The steam iron must have a temperature control knob, and the temperature settings must be clearly visible. Most models of steam irons have a temperature control knob located below the handle.

Auto Shut Off

Auto shut off is an important feature of dry irons. This feature automatically switches off the iron once the desired temperature is reached. This prevents overheating and subsequent burning of clothes.

Corded dry iron

The power cord of a dry iron keeps getting in the way during the ironing process. In order to avoid this, it is better to go for dry iron having a long power cord. Purchasing a dry iron having 360-degree cord swivel mechanism is also recommended. This feature allows the iron to be moved in any direction while keeping the power cord fixed in one position.

Cordless dry iron

Cordless dry iron does not have a power cord and uses rechargeable batteries. It is very easy to use and can also be conveniently carried on travels. The downside is that a cordless dry iron comes with a heat plate which must be connected to an electrical source and the dry iron must be placed on it for heating. The cordless dry iron retains for a few minutes after which it must be placed back on the heat plate.

Power rating

For daily household use, the suitable power rating for dry irons ranges between 750 to 1000 Watt. In case you need to regularly iron heavily creased clothes or heavy clothes such as denim, the power rating should be 1000 Watt or above.


The perfect weight of the dry iron depends upon the frequency of usage and type of fabric. Jeans and cotton require more pressure, hence require heavy irons. However, if you iron large volumes of clothes frequently, then lightweight iron is suitable to avoid strain on the hands. for more buying guide about home products you can check besthomeproducts blog.


It is also necessary to check the warranty and guarantee period offered on the dry iron. Usually, the best brands provide a 2 years warranty period.