Features and advantages of Best Handheld Shower Head

A handheld showerhead is a detachable showerhead from the wall mount that is fixed. It can be used in the direction where it’s needed. Considering that one would want to get the best experience of a shower, we will look at the unique features of the Best handheld shower head.

Hand Held Shower Heads are used for massage, beauty hair treatments, and domestic bathrooms. These showerheads are easy to use for massaging on areas of body aches and sore muscles as they are movable and handheld. By simply altering the spray settings to powerful, the spray can give a gentle massage over the treatment region. With an extendable and movable hose, there are more choices to use as compared to fixed standard ones.

Important Features of Hand Showers

  • These are attractive
  • These are quite affordable
  • Available in a wide range of styles, functionalities, innovative designs and finishes
  • Easy-to-clean
  • They come with anti-clog nozzles
  • They come with extendable and movable/flexible hose
  • They are easy to install without any need of a plumber
  • They usually come with a lifetime warranty
  • They have different settings for water spray
  • There are a range of options to choose from White, chrome, or brushed nickel
  • They offer good flexibility as per the need

Some extra features

  • The hand-held showerhead comes with an attached hose and a bracket for good hold when in use and for good freedom of movement.
  • One can get 8-foot or 5-foot long hose attachments for an extension.
  • If both hands are in use, it comes with a holder bracket too, which can be used in this case by fixing the handheld showerhead into the bracket hold.
  • Some showerheads also come with a pivot ball mechanism or equivalent to adjust the position of the showerhead.

Some of the primary advantages

Conserves Water And Energy

Direct the water where it is required and save unnecessary wastage of water as compared to a fixed mount shower head. Since the switch is feasible to use, use only when needed. These come under water-saving choices and shower heads with low flow. These are shower heads that are handheld which provides you with water-saving bills without any compromise on their performance. They have EPA water sense technology.

Settings for Shower Pressure and Spray

There are settings for the high-pressure spray which is used for massages and full body spray with normal pressure to mist and power spray for light pressure spray of water. These offer high power and pressure even with an added hose.

Ideal for Disabled, Older people and kids

Less mobile individuals get maximum from its flexibility and its usage. One can avoid sliding off and unnecessary injuries too and be safe while showering. Kids will have fun with gentle pressure spray of water with spray settings.

Aids in pet cleaning                                        

The shower’s flexibility of usage and pressure of flow helps in cleaning pets easily and conveniently at home. You can do as many times while spending time with your pet.

Cleaning Shower walls

Easy, flexible and hose attached handheld showerhead gives easy wash onto the soap scrubbed walls and thereby makes cleaning the walls easier. you love to check out best showerheads 2020 list here.