Does a Stud Finder work through plywood

One of the most important question that most users ask for while before purchasing the stud finder is whether it can penetrate through plywood behind the wall, or not. This is the most common query that makes sense and should be known to the customers before they invest their hard-earned money to the tool.

Well, although the question is a bit tricky, but in the simplest words, it totally depends upon the tool you are using.  Most of the high-end stud finders are designed to penetrate through the wood slab and are perfect for finding the stud behind the plywood wall without any issues. Also, the way you use these tools also plays an important role while finding the studs behind the plywood. Let’s discuss it in more details to clear all your doubts about the plywood penetration so that you can decide easily whether you can buy these tools for your home, or not.

The stud finders typically work by penetrating the walls and finding the metal and wooden studs behind the wall. But in several modern houses, there is a wide range of plywood ceilings and many of have done the carpentry work at home to make it look even more beautiful than before. However, as the stud finders are meant to find the stud made of wood and metal, they normally can get confused after reaching the plywood. The plywood wall or the false ceiling is one of the most common areas of issues which a stud finder faces. The sensors of the stud finders are meant to find the wood o

TO solve this issue, many of the top stud finder manufacturers have a few stud finders in their range that can easily penetrate through the plywood and help you find whether the stud is present behind it, or not. A few models also let you choose the type of surface you are going to use the stud finder in and will assist you accordingly by changing their basic search algorithm. So, in case you are planning to buy a stud finder for your home and have some interiors done with plywood, then we will suggest you to go with a stud finder that has the capability to penetrate through the plywood too. By doing so, you won’t only get a more valued product for yourself but will also find a better device to work with.

Some of the common brands that you can rely on for finding the studs behind the plywood are Zircon, Bosch, and DEWALT. Also, make sure to check whether the stud finder perfectly works in the condition or not by getting a practical trial of the tool/ In case you are buying the tool from an online store, we will suggest you go with the user reviews before purchasing the product. BY going through the genuine stud finder reviews, you can easily make sure that whether the particular stud finder is a perfect choice for your home, or not.