Choosing The Right Drinking Fountain For Your Cat

It is common for any pet owners to understand that the cat has to drink more water for maintaining a perfect health condition. To encourage your cat to drink more water, a pet owner has to choose the right water fountain for their cat.

There are two things to consider when choosing a cat water fountain such as the make and model of the fountain and how your cat prefers to drink. Here will discuss them in detail:

Cat Water Fountain Construction:

Most of the cat water fountains are made up of plastic, stainless steel or ceramic materials. One can even find the difference in the same plastic made fountains, as some are cheap in quality that will get scratches easily and some are made using high-grade plastics. Some plastic fountains are much durable too.

It is highly recommended to go with the ceramic or stainless steel cat water fountains, but avoid buying the one made of plastic. Though all fountains have plastic constructed parts, the pet owner should avoid plastic bowls or drinking surfaces made of plastic. This is where the cat’s skin may touch while drinking water and there are several reasons to avoid this.

Never use Plastic Cat Water Fountains:

There are two reasons for the pet owner to avoid buying the plastic cat water fountain. The first reason is that the cats may have a severe skin reaction to plastics. Some cats may suffer from allergic reactions to plastics. This is not due to the direct skin reaction with plastics but it’s from the fungal surfaces of the scratched area of plastics. The allergy may range from mild irritation to deep infections on the cat’s skin.

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The second thing is that one can’t avoid plastic fountains getting scratches on them. But with high-grade plastics, you can avoid more scratches. But still, mild scratches in them lead to the formation of bacterial growth. Such molds and bacterial growths result in foul smells and odors of the plastic fountains and now your pets start to hate drinking in such foul-smelling plastic fountains.

There is no use in buying such a fountain when the cat doesn’t like to drink water in it. If you can’t save your cat’s health, you should avoid buying this fountain. Thus, go with the ceramic or stainless steel cat water fountains.

Cat Drinking Fountain Design:

The next feature is to consider the design of the fountain. There are two basic designs of cat water fountains. The first model is the one in which water flows down from the top to the side of the fountain to meet the large pool. The next model is similar to water flowing from your faucet to the bathtub. It depends on how your cat likes to drink water from the fountain you can choose any one of the above models.

To maintain your cat’s health in a good condition and to drink the freshest, cleanest water by your pet, always buy the best cat water fountain made of either stainless steel or ceramic material.