Vikings Season 5: Exploring of New Lands will Make the Plot More Intrigue

Vikings season 5 is the new sensation of television series, where the last series was ended with a lot of speculation, it left a number of questions which possibly be revealed in the fifth season. It is part of the fact that Lagertha will take the front seat in the show along with Heahmund and Ivar the Boneless. Executive producer Morgan O’Sullivan revealed fragmented details of the coming season, and according to him there will be some added characters and story will take to some different lands where there will be the possibility of some new plot lines and new situations.

The importance of the character Floki in Vikings Fifth Season will be increased as he will be able to explore some new lands and that will be probably in Iceland. So the boatmaker will put his trust in Ketill Björnsson who is also known as Flatnose will take the side of the Vikings to help them expand their realm.

 But apart from the expansion, this season will be full of revenge too. As there is a possible face-off between Ivar and Lagertha, as she killed his mother, Aslaug. On the other hand, Lagertha’s enmity with King Herald is also another part of the season that will make a very dramatic scenario. There is a possibility that a Lagertha will win over King Herald and will save the throne of Denmark for herself.

On the other hand, Bjorn with Ubbe will try to conquer more land to fulfill the dreams of their father, Ragnar. Bishop Heahmund’s possible clash with Ivar and his army will too raise the dramatic intensity. Floki, after the death of his wife Helga and friend Ragnar, will be in a despairing condition, but will not let his talent to be overshadowed by his sadness and will influence the plot by exploring Iceland.  

Vikings will definitely be very intense this time with Season 5 Cast, and as there is a possibility of new lands and kings, the plot will be more twisted and complex. There is a rumor that this coming season will be last season for Lagertha, but there is no confirmation on that, and it seems she is going to acquire the power to make herself one of the most powerful and reputed woman characters among the Vikings.

Though the series of Vikings go through to reflect the mind and psyche of the Vikings, but the best part of the show is it has tried to be as real to the history as possible. Still, the series has faced a number of criticisms regarding the authenticity of the historical event. But one must remember, it is technically impossible to keep the pace of the history with a dramatic series, and thus at times the makers are bound to overlap the events.

The popularity of the show is immense, and as the fourth had been most dramatic of all, now the query regarding the fifth is obvious. But as the release date of this great show has not been declared yet, we have nothing to do but wait for it and speculating events!