Galaxy Note 8 will release after Galaxy Note 7R

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be Launched after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Innovation in the field of technology is something that comes in every now and then. Every new launch and there is a new thing that comes in. And these things take place, particularly when it comes to the smartphones and electronic gadgets from the house of Samsung. This is primarily one of the reasons why Samsung manages to stay in the news feed from the field of technology more regularly than many other tech companies.

It has been not long that the world came across the Samsung Galaxy S8 and already eyes are glued to the upcoming devices which are going to be launched in the remainder of the ongoing year. There are expectations that Samsung will launch yet another flagship device before the curtains are drawn. And it could well be the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. In fact, this is no more at a stage of expectation, rather, it can be stated that it is somewhat confirmed that the next-generation flagship device is going to be launched before the end of the year 2017.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release date, there are lots of rumors going on around in the market. And most of the rumors are of the opinion that the flagship device is going to be launched in the month of September. If that turns out to be true, then the users would be able to see it much later than the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R. It is reported that the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to be launched very shortly. So much before we can get the first look of the flagship device from Samsung in the Note line-up, we will be able to get an idea regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.

Galaxy Note 8 likely to release after Galaxy Note 7R

Regarding the features of the smartphone, there is always some rumor or the other going on around in the market. The most popular that concerns the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 at this moment are the one which states crucial information regarding the camera of the phablet. There are lots of discussions going on around in the market that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might become one of the first Samsung devices to sport a dual-lens camera setup on its back, the first one is expected to be the Samsung Galaxy X though.

The latest news which has come out also hints that the smartphone will be equipped with a dual-lens camera. Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that it is going to come out such camera setup and it will be better even than the camera setup in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. This is certainly going to be one of the biggest selling points of the smartphone when it comes out on the market.

Other than that, nothing much has come out which is different from the previous ones. Among the older ones, the report which has stated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is going to retain the S-Pen Stylus can be regarded as a surety for that is one of the signature features of the devices which have come out from the house of Samsung in that line-up.